Expert Medical Content.

Medical writing services and publication planning

A highly structured and logical approach to publication strategy, coupled with excellence in scientific writing and regulatory compliance.

In medical writing, communicating your messages in a concise, consistent and transparent way has never been more important. Regulatory and ethical requirements mean the onus is on pharmaceutical companies to deliver full scientific data about their products to the medical community in a timely manner. Our specialist scientific writing and publication planning division TVF BioLogic was established to focus on the development and delivery of non-promotional scientific communications throughout Europe and globally.

Scientific Excellence.

We Offer the Following...

  • Strategic publication planning
  • Gap analysis
  • Medical writing: clinical trial papers, review articles, consensus statements and scientific posters
  • Scientific congress activities
  • Conference activity reports
  • Literature scanning and trend identification
  • Therapy area appraisals and training
  • Specific biosimilar study protocols, regulatory papers, congress submissions and peer-review papers
  • Accredited learning programmes (CME/CPD-accredited)